Siyou Lin

I am currently a PhD student at the Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, China, supervised by Prof. Yebin Liu. Prior to this, I received my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Tsinghua University.

Leveraging Intrinsic Properties for Non-Rigid Garment Alignment
Siyou Lin, Boyao Zhou, Zerong Zheng, Hongwen Zhang, Yebin Liu
ICCV 2023
CVF page / Project page / Paper / Supp / Code / Poster

We leverage intrinsic manifold properties and neural deformation fields and propose a coarse-to-fine two-stage method for non-rigid garment alignment, achieving wrinkle-level and texture-level alignment.

Learning Implicit Templates for Point-Based Clothed Human Modeling
Siyou Lin, Hongwen Zhang, Zerong Zheng, Ruizhi Shao, Yebin Liu
ECCV 2022
Project page / ECVA page / Paper / Supp / Code / Poster

We propose a First-Implicit-Then-Explicit (FITE) framework that combines the merits of both implicit and explicit representations for modeling human avatars in clothing.

Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds without Normals by Parametrizing the Gauss Formula *
Siyou Lin, Dong Xiao, Zuoqiang Shi, Bin Wang
ACM Trans. Graph. 2022. Presented at SIGGRAPH 2023
Project page / Paper / Code / Fast-forward video / Slides (SIGGRAPH 2023)

We present Parametric Gauss Reconstruction (PGR), a method that reconstructs surfaces from point clouds without normals by parametrizing the Gauss formula.

*Work done while I was an undergraduate at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Tsinghua University.

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